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Your Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Wait, where the hell is TNIAAM in the Thanksgiving feast of sports blogs?  Does this mean I'm the slices of celery on the Wheel O'Veggies that your mom puts out when guests start arriving?  Or am I just that film that forms on top of the gravy if you let it sit for too long? 

To be fair, there's no reason you should be here tomorrow anyway.  I'm not updating and you should have better things to do as well.  I'll probably check in on Friday with an update or two.  On Saturday, the Cincy game is a regional telecast so I'll be at the local bar at 9am like a good wino to watch it.  After that I'll be back to post and discuss.

SU fans have plenty to be thankful for at the moment.  The football team removed some of the bad taste left by this season with last week's win and seem to be feeling pretty loose and excited about this weekend's game...dangerous news for Cincy:

SU football coach prepares for final game

SU basketball can be thankful that they just had their best November since 1998's Maui Invitational winning team

All apologies to the most recent graduating Syracuse class, things are looking up for SU sports for the first time in about four years.  The Men's Lacrosse team is the defending National Champion, the Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams went to the Final Four, the Women's Basketball team is good, the Men's Basketball team is on the verge of reclaiming it's rightful place in the elite and the Football team is basking in good vibes and hope for the future.  Now if only the Swimming and Diving team would get it together...oh...right...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Except Georgetown fans.