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SU vs. Virginia: 108 Years In The Making

The soon-to-be-ranked 4-0 Syracuse Orange will host Virginia on Friday and I don't need to tell you how heated and long-running this rivalry is.  Sure, you're mostly familiar with the team's most recent meetings, but any SU fan worth his salt remembers how this passionate rivalry began. fills in the gaps:

Friday’s game will be the first between the two teams in Syracuse. The Orange’s owns a 2-1 advantage in the all-time series, including a 70-68 decision in Charlottesville last season. Donte Green led the Orange with 20 points and 10 boards in the win. Flynn also contributed 18 points.
The other two series meetings occurred in the postseason. The Cavaliers bested the Orange, 63-55, in the 1984 East Region semifinals and Syracuse returned the favor with a 63-61 win in the second round of the 1900 NCAA Tournament.
Quite an accomplishment, that win in the 2nd round of the 1900 Tournament.  Especially considering it was the first-ever season of SU basketball, there was no coach and the team's overall record was 2-2.  Sufficed to say, their RPI wasn't exactly the bee's knees either. 

But we had faith that Earl Twombley and Courtney Whittemore would lead us past the 2nd round of the 1900 NCAA Tournament, despite the fact that the NCAA Tournament did not yet exist, nor did the governing body known as the NCAA either.

Sorry, Post Writer Guy, we kid because we love.  We know how exciting it must be to be able to put the final score in the titles of your game recaps now and how that might throw off your research.  I'm sure you'll sort it out.

Interesting note here, says that Earl Twombley's name "was often spelled as Twombly in the Syracuse newspapers."  Something that Donte Green/e might know something about.