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  • Max Suter and Paul Chiara might be the winning combination for SU at safety...Donnie Webb
  • Will Cincy be able to slow down Arthur Jones?...Brian Bennett
  • The Women's BB team improves to 4-1 with a win in
  • The Quest for Toronto has been fulfilled by the SU Marching Band...SWRLU
  • Dick Vitale is very diligent about his halftime research...Deadspin
  • Can you guess who these distorted mascots are?  You should be able to tell at least one...SimonOnSports
  • Watch out for SU basketball in '09...Bleacher Report
  • Ugh.  LeSean McCoy will return for his junior season...Brian Bennett
  • Another day, another West Virginia football player booted off the team...Charleston Daily Mail
  • Lane Kiffin to Tennessee a done deal?...Losers With Socks

Lots of exciting news to come out of last night's big win over Kansas.  First, a big shout out to Three Idiots and Ray over at SWRLU for both hosting quality gamechats.  Keep an eye on both for future games.  But most importantly, last night's game brought about the return of something we've all been waiting for...

The return of homoerotic Eric Devendorf photographs!  Get in there Devo, really work those deep tissues.


Add it to the collection...

(Photo Credit: AP/Charlie Riedel)