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The Free Ride Is Over

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Barring some last-minute change in the rules that allows 3-win teams to become bowl eligible, it's the final football game of the season this Saturday.  The Orange will take on Cincinnati and the Greg Robinson Era will come to a close.  So many great memories...okay, only one or two...but more importantly, think about how much free bread was eaten!

It's the final chance to win a $20 Panera Gift Card for correctly guessing whatever it is I arbitrarily ask you to guess, so do it wisely.  For the final contest, we need to up the degree of difficulty.  No more of this "how many yards" nonsense.  Let's get nasty.  And so, this week's contest will be...


Leave your guess in the comments below.  For the tie-breaker, tell me how many total points the Orange will score in the game as well.  Don't worry about giving me the full score (although you can if you like).

The closest to the actual number on Saturday will win $20 worth of free bread and bragging rights for the rest of the year.  Who you'd be bragging to about this...I don't know...

Thanks as always to Panera Bread and to our benefactor at The Sport Hump.  Make your guess and make it count.