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So About That New Coach...

How's that going?

The rumor mill has gone eerily quiet the last few days.  Where are the unsubstantied claims that INSERT COORDINATOR has been contacted.  Where are the letters from alumni pitching their high school trainer for the position?  Where are the denials about denials from DOCTOR Gross' office?

Donnie Webb is noticing it as well:

It's been a little quiet - too quiet - which makes me wonder sometimes if a deal is done. Gross is in bunker mode. He told me last week he's grinding away. Me, I'm just grinding my teeth trying to keep up with the doc.

Get a dental guard, Donnie.  I have a feeling that grinding feeling isn't going anywhere.

Donnie was able to mention that feelers are out and out in full force.  Tons of people are getting felt up for the job and the feeling up isn't stopping yet:

I did hear today that several feelers have been extended to a number of potential candidates including: Kevin Rogers, assistant coach of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, Steve Addazio, assistant football coach at the University of Florida; Chip Kelly, offensive coordinator at the University of Oregon; and Mark Whipple, offensive assistant with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. Additionally, Gross may have spoken to University of Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood on Friday night.

Gross wasn't kidding when he said "everyone" was a candidate for the job.