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Gregisms 11/24

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

From his post-game presser after the Notre Dame win.

Reporter: Coach, on the field after the game, the players immediately started chanting GROB, obviously indicating that they were playing for you.  What does that mean to you?

Greg: That is a texting, you's a shortened version of Greg Robinson...

HOW F***ING CUTE IS THAT!?!? Greg Robinson is your grandfather. You should visit him in Boca Raton more often.

From his Sunday presser:

“I think that we were close at different times. For a little while in the Northwestern game I thought we were playing pretty darn good. The offense was doing some good things and the defense was playing very well. I try to tell you guys about Northwestern. What are they, 9-3? They're a good football team and they're going to be ranked. I thought at times we played well but we just weren't certain on who we were at that that time. In Pitt, for three quarters, we looked like a good football team on both sides of the ball and the kicking game, as well. At West Virginia, I thought we controlled that football game. It's unfortunate that we didn't win it, but I thought that there was a lot of very good football played in that game. I think that against Louisville, the team played very well.

I don't mean to jump on the guy again so soon but if you needed some sort of reminder as to why we're moving on without Greg, this paragraph will do it.  A litany of excuses and "well, we played well so there's that" diatribes.  Eternal optimism and poor results do not mix well in football.

Asked to discuss his rollercoaster of emotions in the last week:

“I said this at Notre Dame that in my dealing with the media that's the time that I have to talk about this and I'm not being sarcastic about it. Other than that, I don't talk about it and we don't talk about it because it's not an issue right now."

Don't bottle it up, Greg!  Let it out.  If it feels good, do it.

H/T: Adam S.