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The Top Five Things My Wife Said During The SU-Notre Dame Game

#1, in reference to Charlie Weis:

"He doesn't look like a coach, he looks like someone's Dad."

And he may just be someone's Dad and not a coach very soon.

#2, after Notre Dame scored at the end of the first half to make the score 13-10:

"Where were the Syracuse players?  Getting a manicure?"

If you're going to play ugly, you might as well look pretty.

#3, after Notre Dame went from 14-10 to 23-10 in a matter of minutes.

"They do that a lot, don't they?  They burn out real quick."

Let the record show that a person who has watched 3% of Syracuse football's games this season and has absolutely no idea or interest in what is going on is aware that SU's conditioning is horrible. 

#4, referring to Lou Holtz.

I bet he's not very nice to his wife."

I asked for clarification on this and all I got was a "I just have a feeling."  Fair enough.

#5, after Syracuse won 24-23:

"Now that they've won, what are you gonna talk about?"

Good point.