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South Bend This!

Please, Syracuse fans in South Bend this weekend, treat the Irish with the proper respect and dignity they deserve:

Not a whole lot of proper predictions 'round the Orange Intertubes today.  Brian at Orange44 sees Notre Dame prevailing 34-17.  He also says he'll be watching the game "in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Easy there, Fauntleroy.

I'm gonna stick to my prediction in the Rakes of Mallow interview.  Score at the end of the first quarter, SU 7, ND 0.  Score at the end of the game...Notre Dame 34, Syracuse 13.

I'll be around tomorrow with another game thread if you do feel so inclined to join us.  Also make sure you submit your guess in this week's Panera Bread Gift Card contest.

If we don't speak until Monday, hooray Orange and boo carbon.