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Mike Tranghese, mostly quiet and unassuming during his Big East Commissionar-ship is suddenly pulling out all the stops on his wacky quote tour:

"I don't believe anybody is going to accept the job until they talk to the person."

Wrong!  How do you think Greg Robinson became coach at Syracuse?  I'm pretty sure he was just in the right place at the right time when he was the 1,000th person to walk into Manley Field House during the Be The Next Coach Promotion sponsored by Jreck Subs.

This also comes from an article that mentions Tranghese doesn't think this is a Big East problem, this is a Syracuse problem

"Everybody asks me," Tranghese said. "This is a big hire for Syracuse. It's not a big hire for me. Hires aren't made for us. It's a big hire for Syracuse. They've obviously struggled. I think they need to make a hire that can get them back into a highly competitive mode.

Now I'm confused...last time you said it wasn't the coach, it was the players.  Now you're saying we need a better coach.  Make up your mind, Mikey!