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Okay, Everybody Needs To Chill For A Second. I Know A Great Place On Marshall Street...

In a span of seven days, SU football players Mikahil Marinovich and Niko Rechul opened a hookah bar, got photographed in the student newspaper smoking from a pipe, almost saw their beloved investment burn down and to top it off they almost got SU Athletics is deep sh*t with the NCAA.  Now that's a week!

The Daily Orange is reporting that the two co-owners of Hollywood Hookah will be taking a break from the stressful day-to-day operations of running a tobacco smokery in order to focus on certain things such as...I don't

Freshman Mikhail Marinovich and senior Niko Rechul opened Hollywood Hookah, a smoking lounge, on Marshall Street two weeks ago.
The SU Athletic Department told Marinovich and Rechul to stop giving interviews to the press, Burton said. The new restrictions come after criticism of the two players and the SU football team following media coverage of the business.

Marinovich and Rechul still own Hollywood Hookah, Burton said, but their hands-on approach had to be limited.

SU's Office of Athletic Compliance told the Daily Orange that the story and accompanying photo that ran last week announcing the opening of the bar constituted "an explicit endorsement of the 'Hollywood Hookah Bar' and is not permissible," according to the document, which referred to NCAA bylaw"  The NCAA could look on the article, which featured a photo of Mikhail smoking a pipe (awesome) and think that, wait a second, this amatuer athlete might be profiting from his business that he co-owns...that's not kosher...

And of course, SU is blaming the appropriate party...The Daily Orange:

The Daily Orange was issued a cease and desist letter Nov. 14 from SU's Office of Athletic Compliance after a Nov. 13 story on the front page that featured a picture of Marinovich and Rechul in the hookah bar.

The letter requested that "the Daily Orange cease and desist using the names and pictures of Syracuse University student-athletes in association with the articles related to the 'Hollywood Hookah Bar.'"

I mean, how were Mikhail and Niko supposed to know their photo was being taken during the interview for the article about their hookah bar? Anyone would have made the same mistake and fallen under the spell of those wicked left-wing media types.  Have you no scruples, D.O.?  These are helpless babes, innocent and carefree.  You've sullied them.  You...sulliers.

Alas, the story of Hollywood Hookah does not end here. It merely ceases and desists from our hearts for a short while.