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You Can't Spell Thursday Without Hurs...Which Kinda Sounds Like "Hers"

Ladies, my apologies.  The SU Women's Basketball season is three games old and this is the first time I'm even discussing them.  I do regret the error.

To be fair though, I don't know much about what's going on with the ladies other than last season was pretty kick-ass and this year is supposed to be fairly solid as well.  After opening up against Siena and Maryland-Eastern Shore (whom they beat 68-28, ouch), the Orange lost yesterday to nationally-ranked Ohio State.  Don't blame Erica Morrow though, she threw down 23 points on 28 field goal attempts. 

More important than whether or not Erica will continue to score at will is whether or not she'll bring back her blog. I get all my SU women's b-ball news from there so as far as I know, we're still waiting to play our NCAA first-round game.  I'm sure it'll go well.

To channel my inner Lavar Burton, don't take my word for it.  Take Palestra's Gary Orr's word for it in his breakdown of the team, it's players and it's coach, steely-gazed Quentin Hillsman:

The Ladies hosts Portland State on Saturday, November 22 in the Dome for their home opener.  Be there.