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Okay, I'm Over The Coaching Search Already

Just name someone.  I don't care who.  Hell, bring back Coach Mac, whatever you gotta do, as long as I don't have to hear about Johnny McNotAHeadCoach and his interest in the job anymore.

But in the meantime...

Just because East Carolina is no longer the Giant Killer it was at the beginning of the season doesn't mean SU's interest in Skip Holtz has waned.  If anything, the Pirate's fall back to okay-ness makes him that much easier for the Orange to attract.  Holtz's boss, ECU AD Terry Holland is just waiting for the call:

"They have not asked for permission and I would assume they would not ask until at least our regular season is completed and/or until they are sure he is someone that is a high priority for them," Holland said by e-mail on Wednesday. "He has done a great job for us and I would expect that most schools would have him on their initial list, and we all take that as a compliment even though we would hate to lose him."

At least Holland is realistic because whether it's SU or someone else, Holtz is gone baby gone.

But what about Philladelphia Eagles assistant Mark Whipple?  Surely he's still on the list, right?

Rumblings from Syracuse had Whipple as one of six potential candidates to replace Greg Robinson, who was fired over the weekend.


Two Eagles sources said they did not think Syracuse had yet asked permission to speak to Whipple,

Something about having to say "Coach Whipple" that just doesn't gel for me.

And of course, no SU Coaching Search story would be complete without mentioning Randy Edsall.  Mostly because no one truly believes that Edsall is really out of the running for the job.  When asked to clarify his statement about his disinterest in the position, which was less a "I will not coach SU next year" and more of a "I'm not interested in being mentioned so can we all stop talking about it?", Edsall refused to slam the door shut yet again:

Edsall was asked for a clarification Tuesday during his weekly luncheon at the Burton Family Football Complex. Was he saying no to Syracuse? Or is he not thinking about it until after the season?

"I made the statement [Monday], the statement says what it says and that's it," Edsall said. "I want to talk about South Florida. I dealt with that [Monday]."

It seems obvious that Edsall is just buying time until the end of the regular season so he can see what the offer is, but then again, who really knows at this point?