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Our Fans Are Less Carbon-y Than Your Fans

If you've been watching any NBC Universal channel this week you know that it's Green Week or whatever they're officially calling it.  They've been incorporating energy-efficient green products and tips into all their shows and commercials.  The tipping point for me was on last night's Ghost Hunters when the episode started with Grant & Jason talking about how awesome the new GE energy efficient Dishwashers are.  (SPOILER ALERT! - Speaking of, I'm calling bullshit on that Clovis Sanitarium place.  The fact that the owner wants to turn it into a haunted hotel means he really needed it to be haunted and that disembodied voice was just too loud, too clear and too on-the-money).

Rants about Sci-Fi Channel original programming aside, Syracuse got roped into all of this.  The Green Your Routine challenge has pitted SU and Notre Dame fans against each other in a contest to see who can do the most...stuff...that isn't bad for the environment.  The call went out to SU fans last week to ratched up the effort as we were getting beat in sheer numbers.  Well we still don't have as many fans signed up as Notre Dame but...we're winning bitches!

ND currently has 1,447 fans to SU's 1,185 but that's not what matters.  What matters is the tons of carbon eliminated through their actions and in that case, Notre Dame has eliminated a measly 16.19 tons while Syracuse's faithful have thrown down with 20.24 tons.  WHAT NOW, HUH?  Keep your Independent status, Irish, it goes nice with all the extra tons of Carbon you've got lying around.  Environment-haters.

It's not done yet though folks.  If you haven't already, go sign up.  And then do whatever it is we're supposed to be doing.