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Are We Sure Hollywood Hookah Isn't Just A Fantastic Piece Of Performance Art?

Seriously, the comedy Gods seemed giving when they told us that two SU football players, one of which was a Marinovich, opened a hookah bar on Marshall Street, mid-season no less.  Now when I hear that it hasn't even been open a week and they're already had a fire, well, I start to question whether or not the Gods are being a little too giving...

Fire investigators say a chunk of smoldering charcoal caused an overnight fire at a new Marshall Street hookah smoking lounge.

Compared to the old Marshall Street hookah smoking lounge?

Fire investigator Joseph Galloway said careless disposal of the charcoal used to heat the flavored tobacco resulted in a table catching fire in a prep area.

When reached for comment, Greg Robinson said "Whatever we've studied and figured to be the hookah bar's Achilles heel that these fire investigators think they have identified, we're going to have to identify that and we're going to have to make adjustments."

Seriously, this is not going to end well.  Just sayin'.

H/T: Meredith