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Tranghese: Don't Blame Robinson, Blame The Players

Ah Mike Tranghese, we've made it this far without you making too many relatively batshit insane statements during your time as Big East Commissioner.  Surely you can make it another couple months until you're retirement before doing so, right?


"I just don't think they had the same type of players as many of the other teams had," Tranghese said. "I don't question Greg's coaching ability. They've got to get somebody … who can get them the players they need to be successful."

Seriously guys, Syracuse is 9-36 over the last four years because Max Suter didn't run back a punt for a touchdown in every single game, not because Greg Robinson is a terrible head coach and even worse recruiter.

Maybe if Curtis Brinkley would have rushed for 5,000 yards this season instead of a measly 1,000, we wouldn't be in this situation.  SELFISH, BOONAH.  SELFISH!

God willing, our next coach will be cast aside this group of layabouts and nogoodniks and bring in a better class of athlete.  The kind of athletes who live up to the lofty standard that a master technician like Gregory "Greggers" Robinson sets.