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Breading The Love

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Another week, another football game, another $20 Panera Bread gift card.  In case you're new to all of this, every week I ask a question, you leave your answer in the comments below and the person with the correct or closest guess wins a $20 Panera Bread gift card.  You could use it to buy some Irish Soda Bread if you win this week...if Panera sold Irish Soda Bread.  But they don't They do!* In select stores...  So just get some Sourdough and move on.

Curtis Brinkley, who has rushed for over 100 yards in a game six times this season, has been held under that mark for the last two games.  One would guess that he's ready to explode on Saturday.  Coupled with the fact that Greg Robinson doesn't feel the need to provide any other HB on the roster with a carry and Notre Dame's propensity for giving up over 130 rushing yards/game average, it sounds entirely do-able. So...


Also include the tie-breaker, how many touchdowns (total) will he have?  Leave both below, pay attention on Saturday and stop back here on Monday to find out who won.  Until then, dream of warm, doughy goodness.