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Real Deities Wear Orange

For the record, my post yesterday doesn't mean that I'm rooting for Turner Gill to be the next coach of SU, I'm just saying that Occam's Razor says that he will.  (An Occam's Razor reference? What's up now, Bud?)

But it's not up to me.  In fact, it's not up to Turner Gill either.  Or DOCTOR Daryl Gross.  Or Nancy Cantor.  Or any human being on planet Earth.

It's up to Jesus.

Tim (Minneapolis, MN): Graham, Whats your take on Gill going to Syracuse?

SportsNation Graham Watson: Funny you asked that because I spoke with TG about an hour ago. He didn't rule out going to Syracuse or any other place for that matter, but said he hasn't gotten any calls. TG is very religious and he told me that he loves Buffalo, but that he'll his faith to guide him on this decision as he did when he decided on Buffalo. So really, I think where he goes, according to him, is up to God. I'll have more on this on the blog either later today or tomorrow.

Jesus come take the wheel...and use the on-ramp onto Route 90 East.