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Please, Please Keep All Women Away From Syracuse Basketball Players Moving Forward

I don't want to see women working on the staff.  I don't want to see women on the team bus.  I don't even want women allowed in the Carrier Dome for home games anymore.  We're going 1920's-style for the rest of the season. 

WSYR, let us have the alledged details:

Syracuse University basketball star Eric Devendorf was at the center of an investigation by the District Attorney’s office after an incident where he was accused of hitting a woman in the face.

Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Can you tell me why?  Why would you do that?  Why?  Why?  How come?  Why?  Why?  Seriously though...WHY?

A police report says that around 2:50 in the morning on November 1, a 20-year-old female SU student told police she was sitting in her car when a group of people began kicking it and yelling.

She told police that when she got out of her car, in the 900 block of Walnut Street, Eric Devendorf walked up to her with a closed fist and hit her in the face while yelling profanities at her.

The woman got back into her car, according to police, and drove to the corner of University Place & Comstock Avenue where she contacted Campus Police.

Ugh.  Double ugh.  Triple ugh.  Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.  And Ugh.

The silver lining in all of this is that no other SU basketball players were anywhere near the alledged incident. Oh wait...

The victim’s attorney said she recognized five people that night; all of them are allegedly SU men’s basketball players.

I am flabbergasted.  I am in the act of flabbergast. 

SU has no comment (natch) and the case is not going to be prosecuted by an actual court (yea) but will come before SU Judicial Affairs (nay).  If you need any reminding how ridiculous and retarded that process can be, have at it.

I would be remiss if I didn't make strenuous note of the fact that all of this is ALLEDGED and nothing has been proven or admitted.  But seriously, Devo...

More to come, I'm sure.  Ugh.