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You Won't Have Robinson To Kick Around Anymore

There's an article today on Syracuse,com called "SU Firing Saddens Foes."  Of course it does, there goes their guaranteed Big East win.

Reaction was kind and supportive from Robinson's peers, including West Virginia's Greg Robinson, Bill Stewart:

"Greg Robinson is a class act. Greg Robinson is a heck of a football coach. And I absolutely hate it with all my heart to see a class man leave the Big East. He's a dawg-gone good football coach, and my heart goes out to Greg and his family."

"One-year wonder" Greg Schiano:

"I think Greg's a great guy and anytime that happens to anyone in our profession I feel bad. I know how hard coaches work and how many people it (a firing) affects. It just doesn't affect one man or two people, it affects the staff and families and kids. I know the realities of college football, but I am always sad to see it when that happens."

The Wannstache:

"Greg's a friend.  I know it's a tough business, and he's done everything he could do to try to make it happen there."

The Kraggers:

"I think Greg's a great person, and I think he's a great football coach,  Unfortunately, in this industry if you don't win football games you don't get to work anymore, but I think Greg is a fine, fine coach. He's beaten us twice, so . . ."

Steve then added "...I guess that means I'm next."

But don't cry for Greg too much.  Curiously-timed, the news came out today that Greg not only made over $1 million this past year but his salary also rose almost 10% from the previos year.  Yep, he made even more money than in previous seasons (with more wins).  And all the while Jim Boeheim was making less.  I know Greg's a nice guy (Bud told me so), but now I don't feel bad at all.