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We'll Always Have Iowa, Demetris

It's been forever since I wrote a "Demetris Nichols has been traded/cut/re-assigned/set on fire" story.  I should have know it was only a matter of time.  The former SU standout has been waived by the Chicago Bulls, thus sending young Demetris back down the twisty careerpath that has taken him this far.

The Chicago Bulls waived former Syracuse University standout Demetris Nichols today.

Nichols had played in two games this season with Chicago, averaging 1.0 ppg in 2.5 mpg.

The Bulls made the move to avoid exceeding the NBA's luxury-tax threshold of $71.15 million.

So, to get everyone up to speed...

  1. Demetris is drafted by Portland last season.
  2. Traded to the Knicks on draft day under the condition that he will play in Europe, a condition he never agreed to.
  3. Released by the Knicks before the season.
  4. Signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  5. Released by the Cavaliers.
  6. Signed by the Chicago Bulls.
  7. Reassigned to the NBDL's Iowa Energy
  8. Recalled by the Bulls.
  9. Sent back to Iowa.
  10. Recalled again by the Bulls, where he finished the season.
  11. And now waived by the Bulls.

And so we wait for Demetris' next stop on the crazy train called life.  Let's hope it's not Bakersfield.