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Bud Poliquin Would Prefer It If You Got Off His Lawn

The Post-Standard's Bud Poliquin took a break today from writing his 427th article about what a great guy Greg Robinson is to remind you all that there are respectable, credentialed journalists and then there are bloggers.  And never shall the twain meet...

Finally, this is what Alan Shore (a.k.a., James Spader) had to say about bloggers on Monday night's episode of "Boston Legal":

"People forgo newspapers for the Internet where, instead of relying on credentialed journalists, they turn to these bloggers, sort of entry-level life forms that intellectually have yet to emerge from the primordial ooze."

When he's right . . . he's right.

I guess he has a point.  At least about SU bloggers specifically.  I mean, none of us are actually educated...

Oh wait, many of us graduated from Syracuse University, the institution of higher education to which Bud owes his career.

And true, we all do just spend our days living in our parent's basements, writing diatribes in our underwear in-between episodes of Family Guy...

Oh wait, Brian over at Orange44 is a lawyer, Brent Axe works for the largest sports network in the country and every other SU blogger I know has some kind of full-time job that requires skill, knowledge and business acumen. 

Bet you didn't know I could spell acumen, did you Bud?  I can even define it.  It means "keenness of judgment or insight."  I'm full of knowledge and shit.

The funniest thing about the "Arg, I'm a journalist and bloggers are jerks" argument is the one that Will Leitch pointed out when he responded to Bob Costas' anti-blogger rant. 

Who do you think is reading your column every day, Bud?  Fans.  And what are bloggers?  Fans.  So in a nutshell, you're calling your readers a bunch of ignorant morons.  Well played.