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Late Hits

Lots of little SU football-related nuggets piling up that just can't wait til the breaka-breaka dawn.

  • Donnie Webb wants you to be keenly aware that Philadelphia Eagle assistant Mark Whipple, Penn State assistant Tom Bradley, Minnesota Vikings' assistant and former SU coach Kevin Rogers, Vandy HC Bobby Johnson and Virginia Tech DC Bud Foster are worth at least investigating.
  • Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel reports that they "already have some people sniffing around" in Florida, according to Urban Meyer.  No word on who, but considering that Dan Mullen and Steve Addazio are names that come up often, it could very well be us.
  • The Daily Orange continues to be the leading source for disappointing changes of opinion amongst our football recruits.  This time they speak with Linebacker Raheem Cardwell who's taking a wait-and-see approach to see what SU does next before he commits.
  • Charlie Weis thinks the firing of Greg Robinson makes the Orange "more dangerous.":

    "What you don’t know, you don’t know what the affect is going to have on the team. The team could rally, or they could be dispirited. I think as a coach from the opponent you have to count on them rallying.

  • Finally, feel free to check out the SU Athletics Game Notes (PDF) for this weekend's game.  It's just kinda funny that they wait until page 2 to mention the head football coach has been canned.  Not a big deal Media, just an FYI really.