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Turner Gill Will Be The Next Head Coach Of Syracuse Because...

  1. Mike Leach will stay at Texas Tech.
  2. Lane Kiffin will take the Washington job.
  3. Skip Holtz won't be attractive enough anymore when East Carolina finishes 7-6.
  4. Steve Addazio will fail to Shamwow DOCTOR Gross and the powers-that-be.
  5. Randy Edsall will continue to keep feelers out there behind the scenes but will ultimately just parlay that into more money from UConn.
  6. Dan Mullen will stay in the South, either at Florida or move over to Tennessee/Clemson/Auburn.
  7. Tom Coughlin's letter of recommendation about Kevin Gilbride will be negated when Syracuse realizes that he's Kevin Gilbride.
  8. Mike Locksley will be the #1 choice with Turner Gill as the safety pick.
  9. Locksley will ultimately take another high profile job, maybe Clemson or a vacancy created by another coach leaving.
  10. Buffalo's Turner Gill, fresh off Buffalo's first-ever bowl game, will be introduced as the next head coach of Syracuse.  His ability to recruit in the Northeast (and specifically in New York) will be cited, as well as his ability to build a program up from the ashes.  The fact that he is African-American is not lost on many who hail the hiring and earns SU some bonus points (whether that's fair or not).  Concerns that he might one-day leave for alma mater Nebraska if called are muted by the fact if he ever gets Syracuse back to a point where Nebraska is interested in his services, he will have done more than enough in the eyes of Syracuse fans in his short time here. And besides, if he hasn't returned Syracuse to at least mediocrity in 3-4 years, he probably won't be here that long anyway.

I'm accepting wagers now.