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Jim Boeheim Is No BFF Of Yours

Coach Boeheim was on The Dan Patrick Show today to discuss, amongst other things, the start of the SU season and Donovan McNabb's recent comments that he was unaware that you could actually tie in an NFL game (Oh Donny...).  Jimmy B didn't realize you could do that either but at least he doesn't, you know, play the sport for a living.

But the big revelation was when Dan Patrick asked Jim about the recruiter's favorite tool for keeping up with the kids these days...texting.  To which Jimmy metaphorically replied..."Get off my lawn."

DP: When's the last time you texted a recuit?

JB: I do not know how to text.

DP: Your wife knows how to text.  When's the last time your wife texted a recruit?

JB: Never has.

DP: Did you hire any assistants because of their texting ability?

JB: I did not, but it is helpful for an to text.


DP: Can I be your BFF?

JB: I need...I don't have a computer.  Do you need a computer to do that?

DP: Do you know what BFF is?

JB: Uh....

DP: It's not illegal.

JB: I didn't learn that at Syracuse either.

DP: Okay.  Best Friends Forever.

JB: As long as you don't disparage Syracuse anymore.


DP: And you know what LOL is?

JB: Come on...

DP: That's Laugh Out Loud.

JB: That's lots of luck, I thought.

Mike Hopkins.  You aren't going anywhere.  You're going to sit right down on that bench.  You're going to wait patiently.  And you're going to text the mother-loving hell out of all recruits from now until the day we say otherwise.

You can listen to Jimmy's interview here.

H/T: Mike C.