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  • SU is #25 in the FanHouse NCAA Hoops BlogPoll and I shared some thoughts with them on the state of the program...FanHouse
  • Hollywood Hookah is off to a decent start, if you don't include the "scorn and derision" heaped on the business by "bloggers"
  • Edsall says he doesn't want to be a candidate for the SU job.  Maybe he just wanted to be the coach then...Donnie Webb
  • Another SU team heads to the Final Four, this time it's Field
  • Hired & Fired, the Greg Robinson audio
  • A ridiculously comprehensive "Where are They Now" rundown of SU basketball slums...Cuse Country
  • Big East power rankings...Brian Bennett
  • Now that Greg is gone, Tommy Tuberville takes over the top Hot Spot...Coaches Hot Seat

Years from now you'll be able to tell your children that the Flynn-Joseph Connection was born here: