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You Got Crouthamel'd

I think that we can all agree Jake Crouthamel probably doesn't like DOCTOR Gross.  Their styles couldn't be more different.  Longtime SU Athletics Director Crouthamel was level-headed, quiet and liked to stay behind the scenes.  Gross is driven by ego, loud and loves to hog the spotlight.  So it should probably come as no surprise that Crouthmael doesn't like the way Gross has handled the whole Greg Robinson situation.

"I was surprised nothing seemed to be happening," Crouthamel said from his Massachusetts home. "Things were going on as usual. Another loss, go on for another week. I found it curious nothing was being said about it except from the public, the fans and the press."

Crouthamel said he has "personal feelings" about how Gross handled the coaching situation but declined to elaborate further.

"It's unfortunate for the program, especially the players and assistant coaches," Crouthamel said. "Those poor seniors lost their last home game, and now they are playing under a ruse."

To be fair, it's funny to hear Crouthy compalin about Syracuse just went on about its business after each loss when he was the guy who kept Coach P around too long.

But Jake isn't the only SU-related person out there with an opinion.  Jim Brown, who went public with his distaste for the Greg Robinson Era earlier this year, was pleased as punch:

"I am very happy there is a new hope right now," Brown said. "The change is right on time."

"It's a great day, because we have an opportunity to start anew and work together with the new coach."

Brown referred to Greg as "a great human being."  Fair enough, Greg does indeed do the basic minimum's necessary as a human, so that's good.