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Gregisms 11/16

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

From his post-game press conference after losing 39-14 to UConn:

"We played a lot better than they did."

Greg can be excused for thinking that.  He was actually watching the SU-UMass Field Hockey game.

On whether or not he had an explanation as to why the offense was so bad:

“I wish I could answer that."

You and me both, Greg.

"The last couple of weeks, it's just a shame. It really is."

You mean the last 208 weeks, Greg?  Cause they've almost all been a shame.  They really have.

On UConn running back Donld Brown, who rushed for 131 yards and a TD:

"I'm telling you, I wish we could still be out there playing against him, because, I'll be honest with you, our guys were ripe to shut him down."

And I'm telling you, are insane.  I think you might need to unwind down at your local neighborhood hookah bar.  Speaking of...

We even have a couple of guys that opened up that place (on Marshall Street) and all of a sudden the critics come down on them and you know what, they came into my office on Friday and offered to get away from it and separate themselves because they didn't want to do anything to embarrass the football team.

Here's the thing though, the hookah bar is one of the LEAST embarrassing things about the football team this season.