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Edsall Bowl 2008

It's go time, folks.

For UConn, they want to play well but not so well that their coach becomes even more attractive to SU.

For SU, they want to make sure the visitor's lockerroom looks extra tidy and is stocked with Powerade so Randy has a nice time.

Let's do this...

6:57 - The pregame host just led the studio audience in a "Keep Greg's Job" cheer. He is a dooshbag.

7:03 - Cuse's Steve Andreas in the booth to do a little play-by-play. And they've brought in some old guy from the NY Times to be the sideline reporter. That should be informative and interesting. And by informative and interesting I mean a complete of everyone's time.

7:04 - UConn's kicker's nickname is the Kentucky Hammer. It's a self-imposed nickname as well. Okay.

7:07 - Brinkley looks good so far. Axe just texted me to say "Wow, there's no one here." Go Orange!

7:09 - Punt #1 on the day. "He's a good one," referring to our punter. At least someone on the team gets that distinction.-

7:10 - Wow, Lorenzen gets the start over those other two schnooks.

1Q, 11:30 - Why am I going off the real time and not by game time?

1Q, 11:23 - Uh-oh. Uconn turns a deflected 3rd down pass into a sneaky grab and 1st down. Not a good sign when your opponent starts getting those plays. Luckily, nullifed by a penalty.

1Q, 10:33, I asked Axe how many folks are in the house..."15K." C'mon Edsall, feel the excitement!

1Q, 10:21 - UConn punts. Shaping up to be a...barnburner?

Commercial note. I'm not too close to those California fires but close enough that it's raining ash and the skies are dark. Some serious End of Days shit.

1Q, 10:12 - How soon til Andrew Robinson gets in? Dantley is shaky.

1Q, 9:00 - Punt #2. Andrew's gotta be in next drive.

Commerical note, I was watching Navy vs. Notre Dame earlier. Wow are the Irish lucky. That was the most perfect onside kick I've ever seen.

1Q, 7:39 - This Brown character gets the first down to the SU 45. Commentator appreciates how he "goes about his craft."

1Q, 6:24 - "I think Donald Brown is a legit Heisman Trophy candidate." Easy...

1Q, 5:56 - Here comes UConn. 16 yard pass takes them to the 11.

1Q, 4:16 - Dodge a bullet, literally. Lorenzen fires one into the endzone over his receiver's head. Field Goal time. 3-0 UConn.

Commercial note, watching a commerical for Colin Cowherd's show. I envy those who don't get ESPNU right about now.

Steve Andreas, who you might know from some of those Palestra videos, takes over play by play. Let's do some good things so be can break out his Gus Johnson.

1Q, 4:05 - Hello Andrew Robinson. Let the Panera Bread contest commence! Andrew's chinstrap is a little looks like he's a kid wearing his Dad's helmet.

1Q, 2:47 - Robinson throws the long ball to open things up. Then he gets sacked at the 4. Oh. Punt #3 from the endzone but the Husky player misplays. 53 yarder.

1Q, 2:19 - So much for that percieved goodwill. UConn back in SU territory.

1Q, 1:49 - Brown tears up the D and tack on a late hit penalty by A.J. Brown. Ball at 20. Picture in picture on Andreas like he's some sort of wacky experiment...weird.

1Q, 0:00 - UConn threatens and ALMOST grabs a TD pass. Suter breaks it up. Quarter over. SU only down 3 but playing worse than that.

2Q, 15:00 - Harry Hurt III is reporting from Manley Field House. Well, less reporting than just reading a description. Thanks Harry. UConn' field goal attempt is...good. 6-0.

2Q, 14:59 - Steve Andres' parents don't get ESPNU on their local cable. Damn you, Adelphia!!!

2Q, 14:48 - Remember when Max Suter used to run kicks well? So does he...he runs it back to the SU 45 (or so). Cam Dantley back in.

2Q, 14:44 - Delaware State vs. Norfolk State tonight on ESPNU, you guys...

2Q, 13:58 - Punt #4. What's the record for punts/game? At least he's doing it well. 50-yarder to the UConn 5.

2Q, 13:45 - The ESPNU color commentator is like your unfunny Uncle at Thanksgiving trying desperately to make everything he says funny only he can't fifure out how so he just says things in a heightened way. Ugh.

2Q, 13:06 - UConn 1-5 on 3rd down. At least there's that. Punting time.

2Q, 12:55 - BLOCKED! Touchdown Cuse! Tide...turned. Thank God for SU special teams. Otherwise we'd never get on the board. 7-6 Syracuse.

Commercial Break:

2Q, 12:55 - By the way, make sure you check out SbN's new BCS Coverage section. Actually pretty cool. SU kick's off, UConn ball at their 37 after some good old fashioned bad tackling.

2Q, 11:36 - UConn can't convert another 3rd down. Suter drops Lorenzen a few yards short of the first. Another UConn punt....

Commercial break, I'm still getting used to seeing basketball scores back on the bottom ticker. I keep double taking..."Ole Miss scored 69 points!?!? Oh..."

2Q, 11:35 - The obligatory "Newhouse has produced a lot of media folks" side-story. They're interviewing Dave Ryan who, I guess works for ESPN. Don't know.

2Q, 10:52 - I turn my head for one minute and SU is being tackled at the 1. 2nd and 16 from juuuuust outside the endzone. "The offense has gotta find a way to put something together." Thanks. SU does nothing, gets ball out to the six and here comes Punt #5.

(By the way, Catalina made his way in. Good timing, Greggers).

2Q, 9:23 - Oh boy. Low snap leads to a safety for UConn. 8-7 Huskies.

2Q, 9:18 - Hey its everybody's favorite Hookah Bar Owner and Operator Niko Reuchel kicking off. UConn ball at their 33.

2Q, 8:34 - Well it's been fun guys. 50-yard TD run on an end-around is a UConn TD. 15-7 UConn.

2Q, 8:29 - Mike Holmes makes it look interesting but gets to about the 37. Dantley is at QB.

2Q, 7:26 - SU finally realizes they have Curtis Brinkley, starts moving the ball. UNTIL...Dantley hit and the ball goes flying. SU lucky not to get intercepted.

2Q 7:07 - Just give it to Brinkley every play. Seriously, no more passing, just direct snap to Curtis. Gain of 23.

2Q, 6:03 - Somehow, Dantley completes a pass longer than five yards. Cervino grabs it at the 15 on a sliding catch. Being reviewed.

2Q, 5:38 - Play stands. Long, seductive shot of Greg Robinson slurping from a water bottle. Seriously, it was hot.

2Q, 5:07 - Brinkley is a beast. Rams it down to the 4. 1st and Goal.

2Q, 3:55 - SU can't seem to stuff it in. I fear a field goal coming on...

2Q, 3:19 - "USF might be one of those over-hyped teams this year." You think so, Doctor?

2Q, 3:03 - Brinkley STUFFED on 3rd down on a leap. 4th down. Gotta go for it...

2Q, 2:33 - Touchdown! Brinkley gets in on the 2nd effort after it looked like he was stuffed again. Another review coming up to confirm.

Touchdown stands. SU goes for one. 15-14 UConn.

2Q, 2:26 - Special teams is the name of the game. UConn's kick returner takes it to the UConn 45.

2Q, 1:55 - Brown SCAMPERS for 49 yards. Tochdown. Man, no time to enjoy yourself in this game.

2Q, 1:53 - Extra point good. 22-14 UConn.

2Q, 1:17 - Cody Cat-a-Line-a? That CAN'T be how you pronounce it.

2Q, 0:52 - I get the sense we may have seen the last of Andrew Robinson. At least until the game is no longer in question. Greggers et al don't seem to have any faith in him. Dantley tries to run a 1-minute offense. Cute.

2Q, 0:38 - Dantley has absolutely no field awareness. Get's dropped from behind while scrambling. The commentator describes him as "heavy-legged."

2Q, 0:25 - Punt #6. UConn takes it to their 32 but penalty send them back to the 22.

Halftime - UConn lets time run out and they head to the locker room with a 22-14 lead. Curtis Brinkley has 65 yards on 12 carries while Cam Dantley looks atrocious as he's 4 of 11 for 38 yards. For those concerned about free bread, Andrew Robinson is 0 for 1 with 0 yards. Oops.

Halftime - Random recommendation. The Orphanage. Extremely creepy Spanish horror/thriller. If you like yourself some Pan's Labryinth or The Others, you'll like this. Great horror movie for non-horror fans as well (can't explain without giving things away)... Netflix, now!

3Q, 14:55 - Kickoff from Hookah Boy, UConn gets the ball around their 25.

3Q, 14:13 - BIG sack by Max Suter on 3rd down. Suter is making up for lost time today. UConn punt, SU ball at their 43.

3Q, 13:28 - Lavar Lobdell sighting! He let's a Dantley pass slip through his fingers. That's Lavar...

3Q, 12:36 - Dantley's arm looks like it got knocked as he threw a pass, ball floats into the waiting arms of a UConn DB. Interception. Legree, get warm.

3Q, 12:05 - Brown is hitting his stride, Swiss Cheese's the SU defense. Yeah, it's a verb.

3Q, 11:17 - Tyler Lorenzen thought he was much cooler with the fake then he really was. SU defenders converge on him at the 4.

3Q, 10:36 - SU holds the Huskies to a field goal. 25-14 UConn.

3Q, 10:35 - "Many people feel this is [Greg Robinson's] final season" You could say that.

3Q, 10:29 - "I've got, uh, Orange here...I think your name is...Otto?" That's your intrepid sideline reporter. Thanks ESPNU, that's entertainment.

3Q, 10:01 - It's a penalty-fest all of a sudden. SU ball on their 47. Dantley ALMOST intercepted again. Someone...anyone...remind Greg Robinson about Curtis Brinkley.

3Q, 8:52 - Dantley again has no concept of what's going on around him, takes the sack on 3rd Down. Seriously, what is he doing that Robinson/Legree/Catalina couldn't? Punt #37 (I think).

Commercial break, Desperate Housewives commercial. They really know their audience.

3Q, 8:10 - They highlight some of SU's finest media alumni including Mike Tirico, Sean McDonaugh and...Beth Howins?

3Q, 7:30 - Andres is back in charge of the broadcast. Better than the two schmoes doing the regular job. Too late to swap them out?

3Q, 6:01 - I'm beginning to feel the effects of the Syacuse Football Zone Out, common to SU fans when it's clear SU won't win the game and it's just a matter of time.

3Q, 5:10 - Seriously, this picture-in-picture things with Andress is disturbing. This is being broadcast to more people than just his parents, you know...

3Q, 3:38 - UConn putting together a solid drive with three 1st downs. Close to midfield.

3Q, 2:58 - 3rd and long for UConn. Timeout for the Huskies. SU defense doing its best, bless'm.

3Q, 2:36 - UConn completes the pass but SU stops them sort of the 1st. Puntin'

3Q, 2:06 - It's the Steve Andress Show. Seriously, they've spent more time focused on him then on the actual game.

3Q, 1:36 - Andress kindly asks for a job from his boothmates and they kindly blow him off. So much for brotherly love.

3Q 0:38 - Still no Robinson/Legree/Catalina. Dantley can't do shit. Long punts and UConn takes it ALLLLLLLLL the way home. 32-14 UConn. Send in the clowns.

3Q 0:19 - "It's starting to get to the point where people are looking ahead to basketball season." No, that was July.

3Q, 0:16 - Andrew Robinson back in! Get your bread predictions ready...

OH NO, Andrew. Sorry folks, that INT TD doesn't count. 38-14 UConn.

3Q, 0:08 - The Andrew Robinson Era may officially be over at Syracuse. Can't believe this is the same guy who looked like he was going to be the next great QB one day... He remains in the game for now.

3Q, 0:00 - This is the longest final minute of a quarter ever. Brinkley grabs some yards and puts us out of our misery and into the 4th. UConn 39-14.

Not only is LSU getting beat up by Troy but you can officially jump off the Tulsa bandwagon, they trail Houston 42-17 in the SECOND QAURTER!

4Q, 15:00 - I love that even though the game is out of hand, Brinkley is still in there. Even now, FU to Delone Carter and Doug Hogue. I guess they're gonna try and let him get 100 yards at least. He's got about 86.

4Q, 13:19 - FYI, AROB still without a passing yard.

4Q, 13:01 - I asked Axe what the mood was in the Dome right now. "Funeral." Andrew Robinson sacked on 3rd down.

4Q, 12:17 - Doug Hogue sighting! They go for it on 4th and come up short. Commentator says Hogue has "big-playability." Andress, if you learn anything from this experience, its to never use phrases like that.

Commercial break. Has anyone ever bought one of Billy Mays' products? The Awesome Auger is on TV at the moment. Seems like not a bad idea...I mean, it takes the hard work out of yard work. I'm still a Sham-Wow guy myself...

Excuse me, Andrew Robinson has 9 yards passing. I must've missed it...can't imagine how, game is so riveting.

4Q, 11:45 - Lorenzen and Brown still in. Necessary?

4Q, 11:14 - The announcers are running out of copy points. Just arbitrarily referenced the 1987 undefeated SU team. Get Andress back in there stat!

4Q, 10:49 - SU QBs are 5/20 for 57 yards, zero TDs and 2 Ints. Good times.

4Q, 8:53 - My wife just asked if Syracuse was winning. I said they were losing 39-14. "That can't be." Yes dear, it can.

4Q, 8:21 - Please boycott Harry Hart's NY Times article on being a sideline reporter when it comes out. He is anti-good. Although I think Jonathan the Husky just gave him the shocker.

4Q, 8:13 - Curious to know the announced attendance. Can't be more than 8K people left in there. Including the players and coaches.

4Q, 8:11 - Delone Carter Sighting! His first carry of the night...four-yard loss. Oh.

4Q, 6:46 - 3rd and 13, make-or-break situation and Andrew Robinson...dumps it to Doug Hogue three yards out. Believe it or not, he didn't get the first. SU 1 of 13 on 3rd downs today.

4Q, 6:31 - Well, well, well...a little trickeration as Rob Long runs for the first (longest offensive play of the day for SU). He has more rushing yards than Doug Hogue and Delone Carter combined. Brinkley back in.

4Q, 4:50 - 18 yards passing for Andrew Robinson, bread lovers. 94 yards for Brinkley.

4Q, 4:12 - Greg Robinson is "a winner" according to the commentator. Okay. SU goes for it on 4th down, Andrew gets intercepted for the 2nd time.

4Q, 4:04 - Jerseycuse had AROB down for 17 yards so as of right now that's your breadwinner. I would ASSUME that Andrew won't see the field again, but who knows...

4Q, 2:37 - Can we just call the game now? No one wants to still be out there... Yeah, seniors!

4Q, 1:42 - Randy Edsall looks around the Dome. Wondering how he's gonna redecorate.

4Q, 0:32 - 31-3 Troy leads LSU. WTF.

4Q, 0:05 - Harry Hurt III says farewell. Says his article comes out November 29th. Avoid.

4Q, 0:00 - And that's a wrap folks. 39-14. Syracuse has a total of 51 passing yards and 96 rushing yards. Rob Long is the 2nd leading rusher. Andrew Robinson finishes with 13 yards passing. It's


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