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Quick note before we get into the links.  In honor of the new digs I'll be hosting a live chat tomorrow during the game right here.  We'll be doing one of those CoverItLive do-hickeys so get here early if you can, I can set about ten people to comment-at-will so it's first come first serve.  After that I have to approve your comments.  And I'm picky.  You've been warmed...

(SbN has it's own chat capabilities, so sorry all you CIL lovers out there, we're going new skool tomorrow.  Just be here...)

  • Curtis Brinkley should break 1,000 yards tomorrow...Hartford Courant
  • Da'Mon Merkerson is much happier being back at wide reciever this year...Daily Orange
  • Bruce Williams is positive...Brian Bennett
  • Corey Chavers is not...Donnie Webb
  • SUAthletics are bad for your health...Rockin' The Loud House
  • 2 WVU players have been booted off the team and are facing battery charges...Orange44
  • SU Women's Basketball coach Quentin Hillsman can stare a hole into your
  • UConn, despite all it's issues, is still favored by ten...Dave Rahme
  • It's the Scoop and Wes show, you guys!...Donna Ditota
  • Ten things to watch for in the Big East this weekend...Brian Bennett

SU recruit CJ Fair discusses why he chose Syracuse.  Now if only we could actually hear his answers...

Don't forget to enter your guess to win this week's Panera Gift Card contest.  Free bread, people.  I can't stress this highly enough.