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Check Out The Stroke On That Guy

You know why I don't spent a lot of time focused on recruiting?  Cause everything you say always sounds creepy and sexually-deviant.  Case in point, Scout's Paul Biancardi discussing Syracuse's 2009 basketball recruits:

James Southerland has smooth stroke and can really stroke the 3.

Stop saying stroke.

He has just the type of body and athleticism that the Orange have recruited in the past. They're just the type of frames they look for.

When your job requires you to pay an inordinate amount of attention to the bodies of teenage boys, you need to re-assess.

Triche has really good size for a guard. ESPNU's No. 93 overall. He's powerful and can spot up to shoot the 3. And don't forget, the 'Cuse already has three big time commitments in the class of 2010. Things are going smooth for Coach Boeheim and his staff.

Okay, that's cool.  But stop saying smooth.