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  • Randy Edsall has says he has no desire to come to SU.  Well, he probably SHOULD say that the weekend his team plays them...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Andy Rautins has practiced!  Andy Rautins has practied!...Donna Ditota
  • Friending Van Chew...The Sport Hump
  • Boeheim says the Orange could finish anywhere from 2nd to 8th in the Big East...Donna Ditota
  • SU basketball has to get back to "those days"...Daily Orange
  • What makes Jonny Flynn so good?...Daily Orange
  • Orange are 25-1 to win the National Title.  I'll take that...Bud Poliquin
  • SU's schedule is going to be one of the toughest in the nation...Bleacher Report
  • Will UConn have an actual quarterback this weekend?...Brian Bennett
  • Everyone except Syracuse still has a shot at the Big East's BCS bid.  Who will get it?...Brian Bennett

Bad news, there was a toxic waste accident on campus yesterday.  Good news...


Photo Credit: Daily Orange