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The Defensive Guru At Work

SI's Joe Posnanski got to meet Dave Eggers this week.  In the midst of his discussion about the encounter, he peppered the story with certain anecdotes.  One of which Syracuse fans would certainly appreciate.  And by appreciate, I mean it would make them want to jump off a cliff into a pit of hypodermic needles like that girl in Saw 2.

*The best quarterback pointing act I ever saw happened in Minnesota in 2003 when the Kansas City Chiefs started the year 9-0 despite having one of the most baffled defensive units in the history of professional football. The Chiefs won those first nine games because the offense scored a bajillion points -- that was the year Priest Holmes scored 27 touchdowns. The defense was slapstick comedy. Anyway, in Minnesota, the Vikings were in a passing situation and then, the cornerback covering Randy Moss showed that he was blitzing. He showed WAY too early.

At this point Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper stepped back from the center and pointed at Moss. This wasn't the vague Peyton Manning pointing either, no, this was very direct pointing, like: "Randy! I am pointing at you because I happened to noticed that your guy is going to blitz! So, when he blitzes I am going to throw you a bomb! Do you get it? You! I am throwing to you! Do you understand! Hold on, there's a guy in Section 138 who is just getting back from getting a beer and he missed it. Randy! I am throwing to you! I am now pointing at your defender who is a moron. Now I am pointing back at you to make my point clear! Pointing back at him -- this moron is blitzing. Pointing back at you -- touchdown. OK?"

At this point, of course, trained seals would know to call off the corner blitz, but the Chiefs did not have a trained seal as a defensive coordinator then. They had Greg Robinson. The blitz was called again, Culpepper dropped three steps, the corner came charging in, Culpepper threw a high and long pass to the end zone, Moss ran under it and scored virtually uncovered. That was fun.

Seriously, how did Greg Robinson get hired again? 

H/T: The Glaude