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Something's Amiss...Lunardi Like Us

With the start of every college basketball season, SU fans have come to expect certain inalienable truths from ESPN.

  1. Doug Gottlieb and Dana O'Neil's disdain for the Orange will, to paraphrase Patton Oswalt, be so rich and thick you could drizzle it over pancakes.
  2. Joe Lunardi will undervalue the Orange at all times.
  3. Dick Vitale will continue to remain employed.

Nothing we can do about #3 for the time being.  As for #1, there were some serious cracks in that armor last season when Gottlieb started saying kind things about the Orange.  We just assumed it was a passing fad.  Apparently not though.  Now it's Lunardi's turn and the Brackethesiologist who loves to consider SU his favorite #10 seed is high on the Orange in 2008-2009. 

Exhibit A, courtesty of' my freshman dormmate (is that even an actual thing?) Chi-town Greg, who chimed in with a question during Joe Lunardi's chat today:

Greg - Chicago: Joe - With Devendorf and Rautins healthy to rejoin a solid core, what's your take on Syracuse this season??

SportsNation Joe Lunardi: (4:09 PM ET ) Expanding on the previous comment, the best thing for me about Syracuse is the proverbial "addition by subtraction" of Donte Green. He didn't defend, was disinterested in Boeheim's zone, and took tons and tons of bad shots. The Orange are going to be very good (even in the loaded Big East).

Exhibit B, Joe's Preseason Bracketology.  Surely there's nothing more scientific, more concrete than this.  Joe has the Orange as a #6, a spot higher than the Bracket we saw the other day with SU in the 7-spot.  Surely we all assumed Joe would follow suit and go low as well. Instead Joe thinks we're one of the Top 25 teams in the nation.  I don't like it. (I mean, I like it, but I don't like it.  You know?)

I'm telling you, something's in the water over at the WWL and it's making me nervous.  If Dick Vitale comes on ESPN tomorrow and says he thinks Syracuse is better than Duke and the Big East is better than the ACC, RUN!!!  The end of days is upon us.