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Bite Into The Warm, Flaky Crust Of Syracuse Football

If you're new to the site, it's time that you knew our deepest, darkest secret.

We love Panera Bread.

There.  It's out there.  In the open.  Take it in.  Don't speak.  Just...accept.  And embrace.

We want you to love Panera Bread too.  That's why every week there's a Syracuse football game we hold a contest.  The winner of said contest walks away with their very own $20 Panera Gift Card.

I know.  Sick.

Depending on the game and my whims, I pick a statistic that you must predict. You leave your answer in the comments below by kickoff.  If you're answer is the closest to the actual number, you win the card and the bread.

But TNIAAM, I don't live near a Panera Bread.  Tough noogies, pal.  Worst case, it makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or present for the 8th day of Hanukkah instead of socks.

Okay, now you know the rules, here's this week's question.  Greggers has basically-kinda-sorta said that Andrew Robinson will get some facetime with the UConn defense this Saturday.  Robinson started Week 1 but was benched immediately afterwards when it was clear he was off.  He saw a little bit of action last week and was...less than impressive.  Now's his chance to prove he's still the guy who showed some flash and want-to last year as our field general.  And so...


Tough to say, isn't it?  He could play half the game, he could play two drives.  He could throw for 200 and 3 TDs or he could go 0-for-4.  You'll just have to make your guess below and hope for the best.

Do me a favor and include how many passing TDs he will also have.  We'll only use that in case of a tie-breaker.

Good luck and in the meantime think of Panera Bread often.  Thanks to our generous benefactor at The Sport Hump.