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Syracuse Football Doesn't Do Coy

The problem with having Greg Robinson at the helm in a situation like this (amongst many other things) is that because he's buried his head so far into the sand, he's still coaching as if there's some sort of prize waiting for him at the end.  Instead of trying to work in a lot of the younger players to get them some experience, he's still under the impression he can turn this thing around.

And so, while Greg has finally resigned himself to the need to alternate quarterbacks, he's still playing the coy game as to exactly how he's gonna handle it.  As if it matters.  As if the knowledge that UConn will see Cam Dantley AND Andrew Robinson on Saturday will suddenly throw them into a tizzy of desperation.  Nope, Greg's gonna play things very close to the chest, thank you very much:

Greg admitted that Cam will start against the Huskies,but when asked if Andrew Robinson or even other QBs will see playing time, he went Belichick on us:

"I have considered it. There is that possibility. Just like they have two, or three, so do we."

Ohhhh...mystery!  Then again, if you're gonna play the will-he-or-won't-he game, you should probably let your back-up quarterback, who has been told he will definitely play, not to mention that:

"They haven't really told me in what capacity I'll be used," Andrew Robinson said. "He told me I'm going to get some playing time this week, so it's something I'm looking forward to obviously and something I'm excited about."


But apparently the reps won't stop there.  Greg hinted (which means he's strongly considering) that Cody Catalina's days as a tight end might be growing short.  Then again they might not.  (Damn you, Greg, you master manipulator you)  Expect Catalina to line up in some sort of Quarterback/Tight End hybrid position that will block a linebacker, drop back into the pocket and pass the ball downfield to himself.

And what of third-string QB David Legree?  Not only are Dantley and Robinson ahead of him on the depth chart this year but they're both coming back next year as well (as of right now).  How's Legree dealing with the situation?

"You just want to show the world you can play," Legree said. "Two years on the bench when you've never rode the bench a day in your life can be tough. I'm anxious. I want to be ready. I know I'm ready. Once coach calls my number, everybody else will find out that I'm ready."

I wonder if he's ready.