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Talking Just To Hear Yourself Speak

A couple weeks back DOCTOR Daryl Gross went radio silent when it became clear that the dismissal of Greg Robinson as head coach of Syracuse football was imminent. Perhaps because he'd already caused such a stir with his ESPN-related antics or because he was busy pulling string behind the scenes, he hasn't made a public comment on the issue in about a month. The Syracuse community has waited with bated breath for a statement from Gross' that could clarify the many details and issues swirling around the Carrier Dome. We just want some answers and a little truth from time to time, it's not much to ask. And the good DOCTOR has finally come through:


"Syracuse University has not made an announcement regarding the football program. We are focused on the final home game and our senior day."
Wait, what? Was that an announcement to say that he hasn't made an announcement?

C'mon Daryl, we're all adults here. Everyone knows you're looking for a new coach and everyone knows Greg Robinson is gone. We don't really have to play these silly games, do we? Is your media training so by-the-book?

Okay fine, so clearly we're not going to hear from Daryl again until he drops the hammer, at which time he will smile a lot and try to convince us that great things are happening for SU Football and at which time we will like him even less. That's the problem when you play it by the book, DOC, we see the plays coming.

In the meantime, I guess Daryl can keep himself busy with his Netflix queue. Ohhh...Red Dawn!