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Your Mama Is A Diseased, Rotting-From-The-Inside Hoya

For everyone who spent all day yesterday preparing for today's soccer match between the Syracuse women's team and Georgetown, I regret to inform you that the match has been postponed. I'm sure it's nothing major, right SU Athletics?
The Syracuse women's soccer team's game against at Georgetown scheduled for Friday, Oct. 3 at 3 p.m. has been postponed due to the outbreak of norovirus on the Georgetown campus.
I don't want to alarm anyone but norovirus is the polite way of saying that the Georgetown student body has turned into this...

And that was the BEFORE picture.

The entire Georgetown student body became a collection of lifeless monsters without a thought in their own heads, cursed to spent the rest of eternity walking the Earth desperate to quell their hunger for human flesh. And that was just when they matriculated. Hiyo! Be sure to tip your waitress...she's a West Virginia grad, she needs it.

According to, "The game will be played at a later date." Um no, no it really shouldn't be.

Seriously though, norovirus causes acute gastroenteritis in humans. Gastroenteritis is the fancy way to say stomach flu, the symptoms of which include diarhea, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammation of the intestine.

I'll take the zombieism, thank you very much.

(HT: Ryan)