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You Have Absolutely No Reason To Be Outside Tomorrow

Here's what you're going to do tomorrow. You're going to get up, eat whatever fast food leftovers are sitting on your living room table from when you came home drunk last night (I'm thinkin' Arby's...), plop down on the coach, turn on the TV, watch Syracuse play West Virginia, cry, take a power nap for four hours, order in a Papa John's meatlover's pizza and some breadsticks and then tune on your radio to WAER's SportsNight around 8pm to listen to their discussion about who the next SU coach could and should be.

I can't help you with the rest, meatlover, but I can at least give you some info on the radio show, which is shaping up to be can't-miss stuff:
Tune in to hear profiles on some big names such as Lane Kiffin, Lloyd Carr and Skip Holtz. As well as some lesser known coaches like Turner Gill, Mitch Browning and Steve Addazio. Two of the greatest coaches of all time - Bobby Bowden and Lou Holtz - also weigh in on the topic.

You'll also hear from former Orangemen like Morlon Greenwood and Rob Burnett about the state of their old program, and who they'd like to see at the helm.
There's a preview of Rob Burnett's comments here so go have a listen and set your radio dial to 88.3 FM Saturday night. If you're out of the Syracuse-area, peep the website to listen in.

As for moi, I'm going out to the local speakeasy to watch the game (sound-off in favor of whatever gay Pac-10 game is going on). But before that, I'm going to see The Express tonight. 7:30 showing and the word on the street is that Floyd Little will be at the theater (no joke). God willing, photographic proof to come.
If you haven't entered the Panera Bread contest yet, do it ASAP. G'Orange.