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Who's Heading To Tampa On Saturday?

It's officially a full day of sporting events in Tampa tomorrow. First up, the Syracuse Orange will face the Flamerica University Bulls at 12pm ET. Then, time for a catnap. And then it's game six of the ACLS at 8pm between the Rays and the Red Sox. If you're JUST waking up, and if so bravo, here's why.

For one day at least, Tampa-St. Pete is the sports capital of the nation. Bravo. Remember it fondly when the Rays move to Charlotte in five years.

But what of these Orange? They of
24-point underdog status. Can they possible win this game or at least keep up the looks of an improving team? Dave Rahme's official game preview says the SU community can feel "IT" happening, even if none of us are quite sure that means. Sure, there's been something in the air that's made our last two losses slightly more bearable than previous ones (or more unbearable if you look at it from the point of view that we should have won both games). But what do the people with their ears to the ground think is gonna happen?

Brian at Orange44
makes an actual prediction (for once):
I’m going to be bold and actually pick a score this week. I’ll say the Bulls over the Orange by a score of 27 – 10. Bet on Grothe going at least 250 yards with three touchdowns. Bet on Syracuse looking like schmucks in the forth quarter. Other than that, the game will go just peachy.
He went Yiddish on us. Can't be good.

What about the Three Idiots? Russianator says 34-13 Bulls, Champ is thinking 28-12 and Boss, well, he's MIA. Possibly locked in the same dungeon as
Kenny Haas.

As for moi, I've predicted scores the last two games that have been way over the actuals. But this week I think I'm actually right to do so. This isn't a banged-up West Virginia or a home game against streaky Pitt. This is Matt Grothe and the Flamerica Desert Rats. Losses to Pitt aside, they're good. Really good. And I think we'll do okay. But they'll do much better.

Flamerica 41, Syracuse 21

We'll know soon enough. We'll also know who's getting their sandwiches comped next week soon as well. If you haven't made your prediction for
this week's contest, do it. Do it long and do it hard.