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Who Wants To Be An Absolute Magician?

So, tough guy, you think you can do what I do? Okay, let's give it a whirl.

Bad news (well, good news for me), I'm going on vacation as of next Thursday for two weeks. For the most part I will be sans computer and therefore I will be unable to blog on any kind of consistent basis. You have questions...

TNIAAM, that means you're gonna miss the Louisville game. What the hell's a matter with you? Don't you have any scruples? Why couldn't you have done this in June when nothing was going on?

First of all, I have scruples. I ooze scruples. I'm up to my ass in scruples. But the timing is what it is. Tape the game for me, will ya?

Does this mean I really have to count on Brent Axe, Brian Harrison and those other nudniks to keep me abreast of all things Syracuse?

Sadly, yes. Yes it does. Oh, and...abreast...heeheehee.

Did you hire a temp or something to fill in?

No, but that's where you come in. Maybe. I'm not quite sure yet how I want to handle things but I think it would be nice to have someone doing at least 1-2 daily updates on the goings on. Even if it's just linkdumps, anything to keep the wheels in motion.

So, that's my question to you...are you that person? Do you wish you could lead the exotic and sexy lifestyle of a blogger? Do you wake up at 3am and wish that you did something important with your life and majored in the Blogging Arts rather than accounting? Do you have a lot of free time or procrastinate extensively? Does your mom think you're funny and a great catch?

I'm not looking for much. Just someone to hold down the fort, maybe make a few funnies. Make up a couple coaching and sexual assault rumors and spread them like wildfire. Requirements include: a finger semi-attached the pulse of SU news, experience using Blogger and an email address. Pretty sure that qualifies Kristof Ongenaet to do this but does it quality you???

If so, inquire within. (email is on the right side there). Until then, you're stuck with me. Sorry, suckas.