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What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything Except Wins?

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It's Greg Robinson's birthday, you guys! Happy Birthday Greggers!!!

I know this because of Greg's Facebook profile (which may or may not be real...) but a quick check of Wikipedia confirmed it. Greg is 57 today and let's hope he's celebrating it in style. you guys buy a gift yet? I kinda forgot, wanna go in together on something? Cool, okay, let's think about what we want to get him. Something practical, something he's going to need. I'll just throw out some ideas, you let me know what you like...

U-Haul Gift Certificates. If you're gonna have to pack up and move in this economy, you're gonna need some help.

"Coach Robinson Watches Intensely" Framed Photo. They gotta sell at least ONE of these to keep it on the Best Sellers list, right?

A Plush Carrier Dome Stadium Chair-Back. Cause the only way he'll be seeing SU games in the future is from the stands. So at least he can be comfy.

A Flash costume. This one might be a little snug but we can make it work for the guy who loves to see young men flash.

A "Greg Robinson Farewell Tour" T-Shirt. Think of the irony, won't you?