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Wait, South Florida Has Traditions?

Apparently so. According to the St. Petersburg Times Calendar, they've got quite an event planned for when the Orange come to town. They've wisely scheduled us for Homecoming, part of which includes the bonfire. But it's not just any bonfire. It's a sacrificial fruiticide bonfire!
USF Homecoming kickoff: The USF Alumni Association will present students with Otto the Orange, the University of Syracuse mascot at the official Homecoming kick-off at noon at the Marshall Center at USF, 4202 E Fowler Ave. The opposing team's mascot will be burned in the bonfire Oct. 17.
I love how nonchalantly that's written. Ho-hum, we'll throw someone into a fire and cheer as the flesh peels off of them. Is it Thursday already?

Very sweet notion, USF. We appreciate your efforts. Of course, next year when we schedule you for homecoming and hold a live bull castration in the middle of the Quad before the game, you'll be left wondering how you can up the ante. It's not like you can return the favor...although I suppose you could de-seed Otto. But that would just be cruel.