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The Usual Suspects?

I'm sorry, Jim Boeheim spent the day golfing with Stephen Baldwin and no one thought it would be a good idea to mic them up? Jim Boeheim and THIS GUY??? Why am I not the Vice-President of All Things Boeheim yet? The world would be such a better place.

Do you think they talked about how amazing the hotels in China are? I bet they did...

Since we're slightly on the topic of SU Basketball, what else is going on?

The Battle of Erie Boulevard is born anew! Syracuse will play neighbor Lemoyne College in the first round of the College Basketball Experience. Can someone explain to me how they ended up with Dolphins as their mascot? Aren't mascots supposed to have some sort of relatability to the school or the location? I'm willing to bet that there aren't many Flipper sightings in Lake Onondaga.

The D.O. Sports Blog fills in the gaps on this whole CBE thing:
The Division II Dolphins — who reside on the Eastern side of Syracuse — will visit the Carrier Dome on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 for SU’s season opener in the first game of the College Basketball Experience Classic. The Orange will play Le Moyne and Richmond at home before it travels to Kansas City to take on Florida and either Kansas or Washington as part of the CBE.
If we win this game then Lemoyne students can't wear their varsity jackets at the Carousel Mall for a year. Sorry, that's tradition.