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The Underestimation Of Syracuse Basketball Begins

At best it seems like the pundits are picking Syracuse to be a fringe Top-25 team this season. Most put the Orange outside the list. Of course, if we know anything by now, it's that experts/pundits don't know anything you don't and are just guessing (look at NCAA football preseason polls if you have any doubt).

If you ask me though, I think this SU team is going to be MUCH better than people think.
Yes, I'm maddeningly biased. But still... People are giving Donte Greene way too much credit and not giving Devo and Rautins enough. Jonny Flynn is at worst the 4th or 5th best point guard in the nation. Arinze is only gonna get better underneath. You're gonna look around one day in January, see that Paul Harris is averaging 15/10 and wonder how the hell that happened. And say nothing of the bench depth available (whether or not Boeheim uses it, at least it's there).

Mark my words, dammit. However it is that one does that.

On the eve of Big East Media Day, the
Big East Writers made their picks for how the teams will stack up this season. They seem to agree that the Orange will be good...just not the best:

1. Connecticut 27 (8)

2. Louisville 40 (5)

3. Pittsburgh 46 (2)

4. Notre Dame 55 (1)

5. Marquette 101
6. Syracuse 102

7. Villanova 108

8. Georgetown 111

9. West Virginia 138
10. Providence 162

11. Cincinnati 172

12. Rutgers 201

13. Seton Hall 206

14. DePaul 217

15. St. John's 226

16. South Florida 250

I'm assuming that's a typo for Marquette, otherwise I'm not quite sure how their ahead of us with one less vote. The Writers also voted on the All-Big East Teams and there's one familiar name on there:

First-team All-Big East

Luke Harangody, Notre Dame (unanimous)

Sam Young, Pittsburgh

Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut
Earl Clark, Louisville*

A.J. Price, Connecticut*

Jonny Flynn, Syracuse *

* denotes a tie in the voting

Second-team All-Big East

Scottie "Orange Crusher" Reynolds, Villanova

DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

Dominic James, Marquette

Jerel McNeal, Marquette*

Terrence Williams, Louisville*

Jeff Adrien, Connecticut*


Is it possible for one team to hold all of those spot at the end of the season? I'm fairly certain Syracuse can do it.