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Tommy Bowden Feels The Coach P Crunch

I give you two coaches:

Coach A has gone 72-45 and played eight bowl games in nine seasons. He has been named conference coach of the year twice.

Coach B has gone 8-33 and never had a winning season, let alone play in a bowl game in four seasons. He has never been bestowed with any coaching honor whatsoever during his tenure.

Coach A is out of a job. Coach B is currently employed. Such is the world of college football.

Don't misconstrue, I completely understand why Tommy Bowden got fired today as head coach of Clemson. If anything, Syracuse fans can compare Tommy Bowden's reign at Clemson to Coach P's time at SU. Never as good as he was supposed to be and always looked good enough on paper for one more chance but you knew he'd never get you to the next level.

You can't really compare the current situation in Syracuse with the one in Clemson, unless you want to say that both of the firings were/are long overdue. I do hope that when the time comes, Cuse players are a little more dignified than the ones down there in South Carolina I'm not quite sure what it solves to say "It's what he deserved" as the guy's getting the boot other than prove that you're a spiteful baby.

And so it begins. Syracuse admistrators no longer have to worry about being the first major program to cut loose its coach mid-season, if that was a concern they had (which is possible). It may also be something of an impetus to make that decision public as head coaching candidates begin to put out feelers and receive word from programs like Clemson that their services might be requested. We have absolutely no reason not to be at the head of the table in the coach-hiring feast. The longer we wait, the more positions become available and the more "attractive" positions become available, the thinner out talent pool becomes.

Still a long way to go, but, something to chew on.