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Time Will Tell If Greg Robinson Is Ready For Another Michelob

Over at the TNIAAM Facebook group (where all the cool kids hang), John W. posted a note and a link to the below photo.
I was out at Coleman's on Tipp Hill Saturday night and ran into Greg Robinson... I posted our picture on here.

Greg looks so young, so vibrant, so full of life. I'm not entirely sure John didn't run into Young Greg Robinson via some kind of rip in the space-time continuum (Yes, Greg had gray hair and wore orange Polo shirts even in his 20's). Did you warn him, John? Warn him of the dark times ahead?

John, it's like Terminator and you're Kyle Reese and Greg is Sarah Conner. But instead of impregnating Greg so that he would give birth to mankind's savior, you were just supposed to convince him to take that job with the Barcelona Dragons.

This reminds me...if you aren't planning on going as Greg Robinson for Halloween this year, what good are you? I won't be whole until I see a photo of a dozen Greg Robinson's doing a choreographed dance.