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Time Only Halfway Done Telling

Brent Axe has asked SU fans to make an important vote on the issues that really matter. Forget that Osama guy and the Crypt Keeper running for President, he's talking about your thoughts on the best and worst of the 1st half of the SU season. Mostly worst. I figured I'd help ya'll out with the correct answers:

1. Best 1st Half Moment

*Van Chew's amazing TD catch vs Pitt

*Mike Holmes 90-Yard Touchdown Return vs Pitt

* "The Express" Premiere at the Landmark Theater

*Daryl Gross and Nancy Cantor get booed at halftime of the Penn State Game

The smart-ass answer is of course the last one, and boy did that feel good, but you gotta go with The Express Premiere. Even though the rest of the weekend was a mess and the Swooshgate turned the Ernie Davis statue into a laughing stock, at least we had that one night where Syracuse Football mattered again.

2. Worst 1st Half Moment

*Noel Devine's 93-yard touchdown run to put the WVU game away

*Pretty much the whole Akron game

*The 4th Quarter of the Pitt game

*Finding out the Ernie Davis statue had a Nike logo on it

Devine's TD hurt but preventing it wouldn't have stopped the bleeding entirely. The Akron game did suck and the 4th quarter of the Pitt game was horrible, but I'm going with the Nike logo on the Ernie Davis statue. We trusted SU Athletics to honor our greatest player with respect and class and they shit all over it, cutting corners and not double-checking. Then when the story broke, it was the perfect metaphor for the program's current state of ineptitude. It made SU look like a bunch of buffoons to the nation. Worst of all, it was extremely crass and lazy, no way to pay homage to such an honorable human being.

3. First Half MVP

*Curtis Brinkley

*Patrick Shadle

*Derrell Smith

*Art Jones

Brinkley has been nothing short of amazing this season, all things considered. With the rest of the backfield injured, he put the team on his back. He couldn't do it all but no one can say Curtis Brinkley isn't back or that he wasn't worth the wait.

4. Favorite 1st Half "Gregism"

* "I Don't Know"

* "Time will tell"

* "You know what? It [Syracuse football] ain't as bad as people think"

I'm very partial to "time will tell" these days because he's absolutely right. Time will tell, very very soon.

5. Favorite Coaching Candidate to Replace Greg Robinson

*Lane Kiffin

*Lloyd Carr (hehe)

*Turner Gill

*Skip Holtz

Given the time we've had to mull them over, do any of those choices sound as sexy as they did a couple weeks ago? Well, Lloyd Carr oozes sex appeal, this is true, but I'm kinda over all of them. Tell me more about these recruiting-wizard coordinators at Florida, Illinois and Oklahoma and what they bring to the table. (Oh, so I guess my answer is None of the Above)

6. Most Likely Coaching Scenario for Greg Robinson

*Gone after South Florida on October 18

*Gone after Louisville on November 1

*Gone after Rutgers on November 8

*Put the "Ron Zook Florida" plan in place

If they were going to fire-fire him, it would HAVE TO be after the USF game. But I think we're past that. I fully expect the Ron Zook Plan to go into effect the week before the Cincy game. Let him finish things out and then show him the door. Like the Ron Zook plan, if we can replace him with Urban Meyer, that would be nice too.

7.Most Surreal Carrier Dome Crowd Experience

*Penn State fans take over the Carrier Dome

*The crowd laughing as an "official" attendance of 34,694 was announced at the Northeastern game when there were only 14,000-15,000 butts in seats

*Hollywood star Dennis Quaid as an honorary captain

*Watching Pittsburgh take over in the 4th quarter

The Penn State and Pitt things were almost expected. The attendance one is pretty funny but, sadly, also understood. But anytime Dennis Quaid is involved with Syracuse Athletics, it's not only surreal but welcomed with open arms. I wish Quaid fell in love with SU after making The Express and would just start randomly showing up at other sporting events. Eventually people would starting seeing him at Marshall Street bars. He'd go back to frats for after-hours and pass out on people's couches. Pretty soon Nancy Cantor would have to have a meeting with Quaid and his agent asking him not to fraternize with the students, to which Dennis Quaid would respond, "Madam, Dennis Quaid does what Dennis Quaid wants, when Dennis Quaid wants."

It's unlikely, I know. But hey...time will tell.

And I whole-heartily agree with Axe, this truly is Worst Photo of a blogger/radio host appearing on ESPN: