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Syracuse Better Than Rutgers, Pittsburgh, West Virginia And South Florida

Finally, it's settled.

So fine, it's only when it comes to
NCAA Graduation Success Rates of student-athletes. But I'm happy to extrapolate from that. The total percentages of graduation rates by Big East school...
  • Connecticut: 77 percent
  • Syracuse: 75 percent
  • Cincinnati: 73 percent
  • Rutgers: 70 percent
  • Pittsburgh: 67 percent
  • West Virginia: 63 percent
  • Louisville: 58 percent
  • South Florida: 56 percent
Have they started giving out degrees at South Florida? Good for them. Moving up in the world.

What's deceiving is that UConn doesn't include those student-athletes convicted of a felony, which is about 30-40% of the whole at any given time. So it's a little misleading.

Surprisingly for SU, it's
the football team that leads the way in terms of the "Big 3":
  • SU Football: 75 percent
  • SU Men's Basketball: 50 percent
  • SU Men's Lacrosse: 57 percent
50% for basketball? Damn you Josh Wright, we still bear your cross...