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SU Reaching Out To The Hard-To-Reach NYC Subway Hobo Demo

SportsNet New York, otherwise known as SNY, is the local TV home of the Mets, the Jets and Big East Sports. In terms of the Big East, SNY certainly plays to its most local of teams, Rutgers, for specialized coverage. But that doesn't mean they don't want New Yorkers to know Syracuse is involved as well. And in a move that I'm sure Syracuse Athletics is not putting up a stink over, they're promoting it.

Courtesy of Tim over at Cuse Country here's some of the subway billboards that SNY has put up.

Not sure how enticing ANY Syracuse football ads are at the moment, but hey, it's not like Rutgers football is much better. If only St. John's still had a basketball team, they could get involved as well...

HT: Cuse Country