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SU Football, You're Doing A Great Job There Buddy

And so it's come to this. The name of the game today seems to be that Syracuse Football tried really hard this weekend and that's good enough. We expect it from Greggers but we even got the thumbs up from Greg Robinson doppelganger Bill Stewart as well. Dave Rahme even commits an article to the look of the improved Orange who did better but just not enough to win:
The players, who grunted and groaned and worked their tails off in the Indian summer heat and received as their reward merely their seventh consecutive loss to the Mountaineers, deserve to have their effort recognized.
I'm reminded of a David Cross bit from his Shut Up You Fucking Baby CD where he talks about the way the country reacted to George W. Bush after September 11th. Well, you take a's all pretty funny but you can skip ahead and listen to 2:00 - 3:30 for the gist. (NSFW language, to say the least)

That's right, we're officially treating SU Football like it came in third place at the Special Olympics.
"Look at you, SU Football. No more tears. No more tears."